The history of free thinking on the basis of old and new texts

Freedom is under siege. Ignorance, obstinacy, but also by misunderstandings put pressure on our civil liberties. This site likes to offer a counterbalance through liberal readings. Using old and new texts, I try to sketch the rich history of free thinking. What can we learn from these texts about the personal and political issues of our time?


Mosques, Irritation and Freedom (Voltaire II)

13 September 2010
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"Is there life after death.. for an Atheist?" (Spinoza)

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Liberal Islam: Painful or Impossible? (Abu Zaid)

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"Should Atheist Celebrate Christmas"

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"An Atheist Story on Creation and Love" (Plato)

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"The Rights of Man of the Arab World" (Thomas Paine)

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"How to respond to insulting cartoons" (Amitai Sandy)

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